Protect Your Brand

Is Social Media Worthwhile?

Many business owners have said that social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are a complete waste of time — “a huge time vaccum“. Some business owners stated that they have never created an account on any of these sites and never will.

Others stated they have never heard of most of the websites, and don’t understand the point behind them or the purpose of being on them.

That’s where we come in. Just because you recognise every social media site doesn’t mean you can’t or don’t need to protect your brand name on that site.

Protecting Your Brand

A few years ago, you probably hadn’t heard of Twitter,

Today there are thousands of people competing for attention for your keywords in this space alone.

Every few months there’s a mad race for every company to secure their @BrandName on a new platform or for application of a new feature. And for good reason; you don’t want someone else to get it first.

You may not think you can keep up to date on the sites and the key features of the major platforms that work and which we register you with, unless you’ve got an internet marketing staff working with you, That’s OK, what’s important point to remember is that with Social enclave you are reserving your brand name and preventing someone else registering it. It’s not going anywhere.

When you’re ready to start working with it , it will be there waiting for you. Convenient, isn’t it? That’s what our service is all about – and of course Peace of mind.