Reputation Monitoring

People Talk

People are talking about you – your company, your products, your people everyday. Good and Bad. With mobile technology, people are publishing their thoughts – unfiltered – to a global audience.

People publish on blogs and on social networks, they share opinions, pictures and videos on popular sites, such as Tumblr, YouTube and via Facebook and Twitter.

What’s Happening in the Conversation About Your Brand?

  • Do you know what is being said?
  • Do you know where its being said?
  • Do you know who is saying it?

Would you like to know?

Our social media dashboard tells you this and more. Like to see for yourself?

The video below demonstrates some of the benefits of our social media monitoring dashboard.

Taking the initiative

The issues raised on social media sites may show up on the front page of a major newspaper or the evening news.

Paying attention to these online conversations is critical for anyone responsible for their company’s or brand’s reputation.