Get your message out fast – and reach more people

Social media is the realisation of the information age.

Why? It enables the rapid sharing of information. It may take hours, or even days, for a new announcement to reach people through traditional channels.

How is social media unique?

When your average press release is issued, a writer has to first sift through all the sales and marketing speak,  to find the key points. Then, the content must be rewritten and formatted as an article, then, it’s sent to an editor or marketing manager before it is published.

Social media networks, in comparison work completely differently, they allow for instantaneous dissemination of news not only as text, but images, audio and of course video.

Content distrubuted via social media networks and micro-blogging sites like twitter in particular  are different because messages only contain the key points, relevant facts, and links to more information like stats and case studies, the information can thus be immediately picked up and circulated by bloggers and other online journalists.

Social media also provides a more global coverage, enabling information to reach a much larger and broader readership than offline media outlets alone.

This format and use of links naturally lends itself to better tracking too.

It is the new subsciption.

Numbers of  magazine subscribers,  readership and the number of available print publications continues to decline, the number of consumers using the Internet to access and share information consistently continues to rise.  Recent data indicated that almost three out of every four Internet users visits a social media network on a regular basis.

So if you want to get your message out fast, maximize your reach and increase your ability to track campaigns look to social media for your next campaign.

If you are still skeptical, at least test it and measure the results for yourself.

You will be pleasently surprised you did.